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  • Swimming Drills and Practice Plans
    Swimming drills and practice plans designed for coaches and swimming instructors.

  • Swimming Lessons
    This article details the many reasons why swimming lessons should be a key ingredient to your child’s summer, and some of the things you can do to get your child ready for their first lesson.

  • Swimming Coaching
    The following article combines years of swimming coaching knowledge to come up with a solid workout plan for your next practice.

  • Swimming Drills
    This article outlines a number of swimming drills to improve your team’s freestyle stroke.

  • Swimming Workouts
    The following article details two exciting swimming workouts combining many strokes and intensity levels that can be completed on your lunch hour.

  • Freestyle Swimming Technique
    The following article details some of the finer points of proper freestyle swimming technique.

  • Breaststroke Drills
    This article details a number of exciting breaststroke drills perfect for your next swim team practice.

  • Children’s Swimming Lessons
    With summer just around the corner, many parents look to children’s swimming lessons for a source of fun and learning for their children.

  • Baby Swimming Lessons
    The following article outlines the many important reasons for enrolling your young child in baby swimming lessons.

  • Taper Workouts for Swimming
    The following article gives a number of important tips and outlines the physical and mental benefits of taper workouts for swimming.

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